Blueberry ice cream

    by Paula
    blueberry ice cream food photography paula casimiro
    blueberry ice cream food photography paula casimiroblueberry ice cream food photography paula casimiro

    A few days ago, I bought a big basket of blueberries directly to the producer. Fresh, incredibly sweet and large as grapes. Most of them were eaten just like that, but I kept some in the freezer to make this blueberry ice cream.

  • SummerSweet

    Double coffee affogato

    by Paula

    I’m a little ashamed, sharing this recipe with you. In fact, this is not a real recipe but simply a combination of two ingredients that takes less than 5 minutes to put together. No fuss, no cooking required – except if you’re making your own coffee ice cream, which is totally fine – just the pleasure of enjoying your caffeine fix on a hot summer day. So, I took these photographs mostly for practice and experiment with different angles and directions of light, but then occur to me that maybe, just maybe, one of the blog readers could not know…

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  • FallSavorySpringSummerWinter


    by Paula

    Hummus is an ancient and traditional dish from the Arab culture. It is a kind of pâté made with chickpeas and a few simple ingredients. The only exotic ingredient is tahini, a sesame seed paste, but one that you can already find relatively easily in the supermarkets in the eastern food section.

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