by Paula

Hummus is an ancient and traditional dish from the Arab culture. It is a kind of pâté made with chickpeas and a few simple ingredients. The only exotic ingredient is tahini, a sesame seed paste, but one that you can already find relatively easily in the supermarkets in the eastern food…

This lemon poppy seed cake falls in the category of simple cakes, of the “mix everything together and bake in the oven” kind, which are my favorites. The lemon scent is however intense and the poppy seeds give texture and look beautiful, small bluish spots dotted on the pale batter.

In a spring that so quickly gives us a beach day as, in the next one, puts us back looking for socks again, I took advantage of one of the good days to make a fresher dessert, a tiramisu ice cream cake, with layers of cream and mascarpone cheese ice…


Fava bean soup

by Paula

This soup is laborious because it requires peeling the beans twice: the first to remove them from the pods and the second to remove the outer skin. However, all the work and effort involved in preparing this fava bean soup are, in the end, rewarded with a delicate soup, both…

Among the many Easter bread traditions that are found all over Portugal, I especially like three: one from the northeast region of Trás-os-Montes, savory and proudly displaying the good sausages from that region; the one from the southern city of Olhão, rolled and stuffed with a lot of cinnamon and…

Cheesecake is a dessert in which the main layer consists of a mixture of soft cheese (usually cream cheese or ricotta), eggs and sugar. It can have a bottom layer, made from crushed cookies or biscuits, and can even be topped with fruit, whipped cream, jam, chocolate or whatever the…


Wild asparagus Spanish tortilla

by Paula

Spring has barely set and everyone is already complaining about it. They say that it is late and shy, forgetting that this is a transition season, like autumn, and that it can both enthrall us with the promise of the summer days that are to come, as reminds us of…

Even when we are short on time, some simple cares are enough to make an ordinary sandwich become more interesting. Renew the usual tuna and egg sandwich adding a thin layer of mustard, grilled asparagus and thinly sliced red onion. It doesn’t give a lot more work than boiling and…


A simple orange cake

by Paula

When I was little pastry cakes were the exception. Chocolate, yogurt or marble cake were lovingly made at home and, on special days, decorated with egg white frosting and sprinkled with little colored confettis. And, for me, these continue to be the best cakes in the world.


Pesto braided bread

by Paula

It is not very common to make bread at home, I’m lucky to have a great bakery right outside the door. Wheat, rye, carob or corn bread, large, small, rolls, you name it. I’ve had a bread machine but that type of loaf, equal one after the other, lost to…


Lamb stuffed baked zucchinis

by Paula

These pretty round zucchinis stuffed with minced lamb are a light and tasty dish. Just add some fluffy couscous on the side, that go great with the lamb meat. Ask your butcher to prepare the minced meat for you.


Strawberry pavlova

by Paula

Pavlova is a dessert shaped like a cake with a meringue base, invented after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova trip to Australia and New Zealand, and today both countries still argue about which of them invented such a delicacy. The meringue basis is crisp on the outside and soft on…

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