Homemade vanilla extract

by Paula Casimiro
homemade vanilla extract

It’s so simple to make your own vanilla extract and it requires only two ingredients: vanilla beans and vodka. After you taste the flavor of the homemade version you’ll never want to use the industrial one again.

Homemade vanilla extract


Homemade vanilla extract is cheaper, healthier and much tastier than the industrialized version. And it’s so easy to do!

Prep Time: | Total:

Serves: 250 ml


  • 5 vanilla beans
  • 250 ml vodka


  1. Open the vanilla pods in half lengthwise. Put them in a clean jar or bottle, cover with vodka and cover with the lid.
  2. Leave the vanilla infused for at least a month, in a cool, dark place, shaking the bottle from time to time.
  3. In the end, if you want a clear vanilla extract you can strain it with a coffee filter to get rid of the small seeds. As you use the extract you can go filling with more vodka. Eventually, the whole flavor of the vanilla will be extracted, so you can also add fresh beans.


At the end, the vanilla extract will have a very dark color. These photos were taken after only a week, so I was able to capture the image of the vanilla beans inside the liquid.

Some recipes where you can use your homemade vanilla extract:

Beet hot chocolate

Hot chocolate with beet puree

banana raw chocolate cake

Chocolate banana cake

Tiramisu ice cream cake

Tiramisu ice cream cake



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