Lightroom Magic – the course that was a “game changer”

by Paula

When I first started working with food photography, things evolved slowly. All the information out there was overwhelming and didn’t know where to start or what would have the biggest impact on my skills. Information about the gear itself (camera, lens, tripods, …), the setting, styling and, of course, how to edit the final image.

I’m not ashamed to say that, most of the time, I felt lost when editing. I had this vision of what I wanted my images to look like, but I had no idea how to achieve it. I always felt disappointed with my final edits. Also, the online tutorials I found were not tailored to food photography and that only left me with more questions.

Then I came across Two Loves Studio and Rachel Korinek and I started to go repeatedly to her website to learn more about food photography. So, when she launched Lightroom Magic online course I decided to take the risk and enrol in it. You know, this was not the first time I decided to take a course just to get disappointed in the end by the small amount of knowledge actually shared. If a teacher only tells you about his or her way of doing things, it will be more difficult for you to reach your own creative idea. Well, this time was different, Rachel is a great teacher and explains the whys behind things, and that is why I accepted her invitation to become an affiliate for Lightroom Magic.

Rachel has helped me transform my food photography with her teachings online – I’ve learned killer editing skills, gained more confidence in my work and felt empowered to create my very own editing workflows.

Enrol in Lightroom Magic

Overall, Lightroom Magic allowed me to:

CREATE images that more closely match my vision.
CONTROL every part of the editing process – just the way I want to.
PURSUE opportunities with my work – I actually got my first paying client for food photography work after taking this course and start applying what I learned. I am sure Lightroom Magic had a very positive contribution to this.
RECEIVE more engagement with my work online.

Click here if you want to find out more about Lightroom Magic

For the sake of transparency, let me tell you that I will receive a small fee if you use the link above to enrol in Lightroom Magic but without any extra cost for you. On the contrary, by using that link you have complimentary access to Lightroom Magic Bonuses:

Enrol in Lightroom Magic

I hope you find this course so amazingly helpful as I did.

Thank you for supporting My Common Table and I see you soon.

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