Sweet fritters with sugar and cinnamon (Portuguese Christmas recipe)

by Paula Casimiro

Sweet fritters with sugar and cinnamon

200 ml water
Lemon peel
15 g sugar
25 g butter
Pinch of salt
125 g all-purpose flour
3 to 4 medium eggs
Vegetable oil to fry
Sugar and cinnamon to coat

  1. In a small pan, add the water, lemon peel, sugar, butter, and salt, and bring to the boil. As soon as it boils, remove the lemon peel and pour the flour all at once, stirring immediately with a wooden spoon, until the dough comes off the pan walls and forms a ball.
  2. Allow the dough to cool slightly, place in a bowl and mix one egg at a time until you obtain a shinny thick batter, like a thick custard. You may not need all the eggs, just add one at a time and mix thoroughly until it’s fully incorporated. You can do this by hand or using a stand mixer.
  3. In a large pan, heat the oil. It should be hot enough to fry the fritters but not too hot, otherwise the fritters will fry quickly and won’t puff. To find out if the oil is hot enough, pour a spoonful of batter, when it comes to the surface the oil is hot and you can start frying the fritters.
  4. Use a dessert spoon to pour spoonfuls of batter into the pan. Don’t overcrowd it because the batter will rise and puff. While the fritters are frying, prick them with a skewer or similar, so that they puff nicely and become almost hollow on the inside.
  5. Once fried, remove the excess oil with kitchen paper and coat the fritters with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

This recipe will give you 18-20 sweet fritters.



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